Things about being home that I am over already:

1) Cleaning up after my brother.

Like, is it really that hard to put your damn dishes in the fucking dishwasher? No, it’s not. And is it really that hard to empty the dishwasher when it is full so you can put your dishes in it? No, it’s fucking not. The fact that I have been home for like two weeks and I have already done more around the house than he has in his entire life is a bit ridiculous. Get your shit together, bro.

2) My mom getting mad at me for the mess around the house.

EXCUSE ME THAT IS NOT MY MESS. Those are not my dishes and those are not my workout things and that is not my mess on the counter. It is your son’s. So quit bitching at me, and do something about the spawn of satan that lives downstairs. 

Can everyone just chill the fuck out and clean up after themselves? I am pretty sure that would make everyone’s live a lot better.